A simple acne solution with medical grade results, no down time and age prevention all in 4 easy steps!

As a sought after Dermatologist, Loretta Ciraldo M.D. F.A.A.D has taken her 30 years of cosmetic research and condensed this knowledge into an easy anti-acne solution Introducing Duo Cleanse, Clear Slate, Essential Supplements & Moisture Sponge. Four amazing products to give you medical grade results and continued benefits to prevent aging for years to come. Two problems, one solution!

Our Anti-Acne System includes:

DUO CLEANSE: This cleanser can truly produce noticeable sustained improvement in your skin! The name “Duo Cleanse” refers to its dual benefits of exfoliating dead cells from both your pores as well as on the surface of your skin. Contains 2% Salicylic Acid – the maximum FDA-allowed level for non-prescription products—so that you will see a lessening in pore size, breakouts, dull skin appearance, rough texture, and uneven pigment, often within the first several days of using this product. All of Dr. Loretta’s cleansers are designed to leave the most beneficial ingredients into the pores even after they are washed off.

CLEAR SLATE: Achieve micro-peel results at home! This 10% glycolic acid blended with 5% Hawaiian Algae Peptides is a very effective way to remove dead cell build up from skin surface and in your pores.

ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS: This hard working serum does double-duty as a treatment for dry, mature skin while simultaneously treating breakouts, inflammation, and enlarged pores. Its unique combination of antioxidants Vitamin E and F added to a hydrating lipid solution – ceramides and sphingolipids that occur naturally in skin – allows the treatment of two common complexion problems with one solution.

“Breakouts…from blackheads to acne cysts…all start with a simple clogged pore, made up of dead cells that get “stuck” in our pores, much like a splinter. We’ve uncovered that this is often related to a deficiency of linoleic acid, which contributes to the plug getting “stuck” in the pore. Essential Supplements (which features linoleic acid, called an essential vitamin, since our body can’t manufacture it on its own) can help keep your skin looking clear.”

MOISTURE SPONGE: Rebalance vital hydration in acne-prone and overstressed skin with this silky lotion. Infused with .5 Salicylic Acid, this oil free moisturizer is an important step in the maintenance of healthy skin. Contains Aloe and other skin calming anti-aging botanicals.

Dr. Loretta’s Clear Skin Tips

  1. Pull your hair back and look in the mirror: If doing this uncovers your worst breakout areas, then you are probably having an acne-like reaction to hair products. The biggest culprits are creamy shampoos and conditioners. Try switching to a see-through shampoo that will often be available from your favorite shampoo line, and we love the effects of select Leave in Treatments.
  2. Avoid ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a common foaming agent in many cleansers and can cause redness and clogged pores.
  3. Exfoliating is important…you can do this by chemical exfoliation with an AHA or Salicylic product, or physical exfoliation, as with a micro-dermabrasion at-home product. This will help you to lessen the formation of the small plugs that start acne off in the first place.

Dr. Loretta has been a Board Certified Dermatologist and Academic Dermatology Professor for 30 years, during the majority of her career, she has been approached by countless Doctors seeking her guidance on the formulation of their own product lines. To date, she dispenses medical grade formulations to thousands of Doctors and Spas around the world. She is a widely recognized speaker and Author and is a Professor at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine. Her advice is regularly consulted by the mass media. Please visit for more information.

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