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Dr. Loretta for Mother’s Day

From the media:

“Everyone wants to look younger than their age. Clarins and Dr. Loretta (a company started by New York-born dermatologist Dr. Loretta Ciraldo) make numerous skin-care products that will help you look your best.”

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Help Develop New Dr. Loretta Products

You can now take part in making sure our most innovative new projects are a success by participating in brief surveys. We will periodically send you an email inviting you to one of our surveys. Reply to this email if you agree to be a part of the confidential survey. We will then send you a tester of the product and a link to the survey.

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Testimonial from facebook

“I have used your products since 1994. I live in Latin America and my Derm sells your products. I think your products have helped me to look younger than I am ( don´t get in the sun ever!).”

Messages from facebook

“This skincare line is the bomb.. it’s very effective.. and her book explains a lot about why/how to treat your skin correctly.”
“Loretta, I Just want to Give A BIG thank you For Helping me with my skin. It’s almost all better! Hope to see you soon!!”

Excerpts from website inquiries

“Dear Dr. Loretta,

I am reading your book 6 weeks to sensational skin and I wanted to write you (as you asked in your book) First to congratulate you for your extraordinary job, I am becoming a very good fan of yours!!! I love the book. I am still in the process to recognize the good and bad ingredients in all the products I have at home. Love the ceramide tip!! I am using them now and really helped me (I’m 39 and my cheeks tend to be dry)
The other reason why I write is that I would like you to consider adding an item in your checklist: What to bring to Beauty Camp: A magnifying glass (even the ones that come with a light) It is so useful!!! Considering the little (almost microscopic in some cases) size of the names of the ingredients in some products!!!”


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