Are you really a practicing dermatologist?

Yes, I have a thriving dermatology practice in Miami, Florida. You can make an appointment by calling my general office number at 305-705-9000.

How can I get a copy of your book, “6 Weeks to Sensational Skin?”

Copies of my book are available on Amazon.com or you can call 877-768-4050 and request to purchase a copy.

I have adult acne, but I’m also seeing some signs of aging. What can I use that will fight my blemishes and wrinkles?

In general you want to look for products that contain Salicylic Acid, peptides, Glycolic Acid, and Retinoids. These ingredients fight acne-causing bacteria while also exfoliating skin and encouraging rapid collagen removal, which are going to decrease the appearance of aging.

I want to look like myself, only better!

We are all our own worst critics, and as I say in Beauty Camp, we all want to look like ourselves…only a little better.
So, here we go with my suggestions to help you attain your wish-list:

Here is Teresa’s Wish List for her Own Skin:
1. To Even skin: reduce redness on face, neck and chest and appearance of tiny blood vessels esp where nose meets cheeks (I have always “blushed” easily; at times I have had the butterfly rash across my nose and cheeks associated with SLE)

Dr. Loretta’s Advice: Vitamin K Creme twice a day. This can be used only in “target areas” of enlarged blood vessels, or you may choose to use it all over if you feel your face typically looks more red or flushed than you would like, and you can use it on your neck if desired as well.

2. To fade age spots on face and neck and melasma sides of face, corners of mouth, chin and under chin

Dr, Loretta’s Advice: To treat the brown spots: I'd like you to start with Age Change twice a day, followed by my Complexion Protection SPF 36.

3. How can I lessen lip lines and the groove between my eyebrows?

Dr. Loretta’s Advice: My Youthful WriLax is wonderful...it is like a topical Botox

4. I want Firmer Skin where I feel like I don’t have it, and I want to keep the firmness where I do have it….in other words, I want firm All over!

Dr. Loretta’s Advice: Many of my products contain skin firming ingredients, including products where you wouldn’t expect to find them! For example, my Complexion Protection has two great ingredients called MMPI’s (read this as miraculous skin firming advances) in addition to being a sunscreen. I made it this way so that you’d want to use it…realize it doesn’t only protect you, it firms you as it protects!

My Age Change will help firm your skin also, since it has three different ingredients that work by: strengthening your collagen to lessen the appearance of wrinkles as it helps to prevent new lines from forming. Many women in their twenties are using it, and women in their 40’s and 50’s are seeing some noticeable improvement in lines they already have.

But, for your eyes, you will need something very specifically formulated for this thin and sensitive-skinned area. This is my Youthful Eyelift. It will help to depuff eyes (many University students who come to see me tell me it is a marvel around exam time, when lack of sleep otherwise made them look even more tired and puffy!). Youthful Eyelift will help to lessen dark circles, puffs, and the appearance of fine lines and even tighten your whole eye contour…you shouldn’t look tired even if you are slightly lacking in sleep….!

TG’s Response to Dr. Loretta’s Advice:
Five Weeks and Improving!
Dear Dr Loretta,

I have been following the regimen you recommended for about five weeks experimenting with the amount of product to use, how and where to apply and order of application. I wanted to tell you that I think my skin’s overall appearance is improving, less redness and so soft! I especially love how the products are absorbed leaving my face feeling clean, moist and protected. Thanks so much.

I’m pregnant, what products should I avoid?

In general, the 3 ingredients to avoid are Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Hydroquinone. You should not use products that contain these ingredients.

My skin can be very red and irritated. Can you recommend a healing regimen?

See the products recommended on the Diagnosis page – Sensitive/Red. The best way to calm and heal skin is to use a minimum number of skin care products and only add new products when skin has balanced out. Carefully watch skin’s reaction when you add new products and discontinue use if a negative reaction occurs.

My skin feels very dry and tight. What moisturizer should I use?

If you’re experiencing dry skin because of a change in climate or hormonal changes, you should incorporate Youthful Radiance or Essential Supplements into your skin care regimen under your current moisturizer for a week. If you’re still experiencing uncomfortable dryness, I would suggest using Age Change and Youthful Overnight moisturizers along with the hydrating serum.

What’s the difference between copper enzymes and copper peptides?

There is no difference. Youthful Overnight contains copper enzymes.

Does Dr. Loretta test her products on animals? If not, why isn’t that statement on your labels?

 A25. We do not test any of our products on animals. Unfortunately, at this time our labels do not state “no animal testing” although we are planning to put it on the labels when our registration comes up again in 2013 since here in Florida the only claims that can be made on the labels of our products are those that are currently registered with the Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation, Drugs, Devices & Cosmetics Division (both for OTCs and cosmetic products).

Where are Dr. Loretta Skin Care products sold?

Dr. Loretta Skin Care is sold online at www.drloretta.com.

Where is Dr. Loretta Skin Care headquartered?

Our headquarters are located in Davie, Florida.

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